Bruno Parts

Bruno H2 Frames

From $ 25.00 USD

The Bruno H2 Comes in 4 colors. Make your own shaka's and pick the right Lenses and arms To Complete Your Look! Design Your own- No screws. Easily pop in and out with any Bruno lens...

Bruno Frames

From $ 15.00 USD

Bruno is our very first style. He is (yes, it's a "he") so square and bold so you defiantly can't go wrong with him. the Bruno frame comes in 11 CRAZY colors....


From $ 15.00 USD

Pick any Arm you like to fit your favorite front.Quickly design your shades and match it to your style. Designers sunglasses, Only now you are the Designer! Strong and durable- The...

Bruno Lenses

From $ 22.00 USD

Lenses, The most important thing in your glasses. that's why with our interchangeable lenses you will never have to worry about damaging them. Choose between 2 lens filters, Hawaiian and Genius. (Info...



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