Do Hawaii Like A Native - 3 Spots Only Locals Know

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Hawaii is known for beautiful white sandy beaches, picturesque ocean views, warm hospitality and so much more. The locals' warm and friendly nature is as intoxicating as their Hawaiian surroundings. Put on a pair of our favorite Shakas and say "aloha" to three local hot spots that are just a few of their many best kept secrets...shhh, don't tell.

1.  Volcano Winery:  This family owned winery is located on an amazing 4,000 feet on the slopes of an active volcano on lava covered land. This unique location allows Symphony grapevines to create wines inspired by the volcanic fire and tropical fruits grown on the island. Locals enjoy the relaxed venue and sipping on the original blends like Volcano Blush with their friends.

2.  Ching's Pond:  You have to know what you're looking for to find the local favorite hang out.  It's located near Mile Marker 16 on the Hana Highway but you have to pull of the road see this hidden gem. And when you do, magical things happen. There are deep, pristine sapphire blue waters that are mesmerizing. Some locals visit regularly to take in the beauty of Ching's Pond.

3.  Hawaii Tree house:  Can you imagine sleeping in a tree house built 15 feet in the air beautifully surrounded by Hawaii's gorgeous jungle landscape? This secluded tree house (with full amenities) is one of the best kept secrets in Hawaii and a joy for  anyone who is fortunate enough to stay a few days in this "high in the Hawaiian sky" retreat. 

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